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Thusha regains feeling in legs

A girl who was told aged five that she would never walk again after being caught in gang crossfire has stunned doctors by regaining feeling in both legs. ITV's Tonight programme has reunited Thusha Kamaleswaran with the team that saved her life.

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Britain's youngest gun crime victim meets medics

Britain's youngest gun crime victim Thusha Kamaleswaran has been reunited with members of the team that saved her life.

Thusha reunited with team who saved her lifeafter she was shot. Credit: ITV News/Ria Chatterjee

ITV News correspondent Paul Davies has been following the progress of Thusha’s journey to get back on her feet for the Tonight programme.

The two paramedics who arrived first on the scene after Thusha's shooting. Credit: ITV News/Ria Chatterjee

Watch: Courage in the Crossfire at 7.30pm tomorrow on ITV

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