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UK border checks failings

A series of failings in the government's £500m border control system have been identified in an inspector's report. Fewer than two-thirds of passenger movements were covered and 649,000 alerts to potential drug and tobacco smuggling were deleted.

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Deleted alerts had 'significant impact' on borders

John Vine's inspection of e-Borders found that records relating to drug and tobacco smuggling were deleted over a 10-month period due to "poor data quality and the prioritisation of immigration over customs work".

The report said: "These deletions had a significant impact on the ability of staff at the border to seize prohibited and restricted goods and deal with those responsible."

It added: "This amounted to three quarters of all the customs work generated in NBTC and impacted on the ability of e-Borders to deliver anticipated benefits in relation to the seizure of prohibited and restricted goods."

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