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Rail fare increases to be limited

Rail fare increases are to be capped next year. Regulated fares in England could have gone up by 9.1% in January but they will now be a maximum of 6.1%. But Labour says it is "cold comfort" for commuters.

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Passenger group: 'Gaping hole' remains in fare policy

Rail fare increases will now be a maximum of 6.1% next year.

Stephen Joseph, chief executive of the Campaign for Better Transport has said "there's still a gaping hole at the centre of the Government's fares policy" despite next year's rise cap.

"Whilst trials for things like part-time season tickets are very welcome, the biggest issue has always been annual above-inflation fare increases and there is no change of policy on this.

"This is bitter news for everyone who relies on the train to get to work, not least the large number of commuters in marginal constituencies who will be a key group at the next election."

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