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Rail fare increases to be limited

Rail fare increases are to be capped next year. Regulated fares in England could have gone up by 9.1% in January but they will now be a maximum of 6.1%. But Labour says it is "cold comfort" for commuters.

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Your views: Regulated rail fares cap in England

Regulated rail fares in England are to be capped next year, the Government has announced. They will now be increased by a maximum of 6.1%.

Here is a selection of views from ITV News' Facebook followers on the changes:

Absolutely disgusting either way fares are increasing in % a lot more than wages are !

– Chris Wainwright

That's only regulated fares. That still means they'll be able to increase some fares by more than 6.1%. Given my experiences on trains this year, I would say a fare decrease should be considered because service has been terrible!

– Robert Bland

With fares as expensive as they are, "capping" fare rises at a still very high 6.1% still does not seem particularly great news, particularly as the efficiency and quality of the train services provided does not go up proportionally, with passengers entitled to expect that they did.

No-one ever seems to throw any money at stopping the endless round of signal failures and broken-down trains across the networks - why isn't all this money going on that, at least?!

– Karen Stambrovskis

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