Obama 'willing to look at Republicans' debt proposal'

US President Barack Obama is willing to look at a proposal by congressional Republicans to extend the debt ceiling for six weeks, but insists that lawmakers end the 10-day government shutdown as well, a White House official has said.

The White House did not reject outright, but reacted cautiously, to a plan that House of Representatives Speaker John Boehner presented to his fellow House Republicans ahead of a meeting they were to hold with President Obama today.

US President Barack Obama.
US President Barack Obama. Credit: Olivier Douliery/ABACA USA/Empics Entertainment

The official, speaking on condition of anonymity, insisted that Obama would not agree to negotiations over the debt limit, a primary goal of conservative House Republicans.

"Congress needs to pass a clean debt limit increase and a funding bill to reopen the government," the official added.


US military protest shutdown

Hundreds of US military veterans gathered in Washington, DC, to demand that the country's war memorials are reopened. The memorials have been temporarily closed as a result of the federal government shutdown.