Political interference 'not an issue it's an excuse'

The director of the Hacked Off campaign has said the prospect of future political interference in press regulation is "not an issue - it's an excuse".

Brian Cathcart said on Sky News that with or without the proposed Royal Charter Parliament has the ability to control the press.

If Parliament chose by a simple majority tomorrow to pass a bill that said it could ban any newspaper it like whenever it liked, it could do that. We live in a country without a constitution, so Parliament is completely free to do that.

– Brian Cathcart, Director of the Hacked Off campaign

Cathcart argued that the proposed charter has "a protection that other measures in our legal arrangements don't have".


Parties agree press Charter deal

The three main political parties have reached a deal on a proposed royal charter for a new system of press regulation. The Government and the newspapers remain deadlocked after the industry reacted coldly to the latest proposals.