The new rules proposed for learner drivers

The government's Transport Research Laboratory has suggested a new system for learner drivers, the proposals include:

  • A 12-month 'learner stage' starting at age 17, during which drivers must drive under supervision for 100 hours in daytime and 20 hours at night
  • Upon completion of the learner stage, drivers will need to pass the current theory and practical driving tests
  • Drivers will then move onto a probationary licence for at least 12 months from the age of 18
  • During probation drivers will be on a driving curfew between 10 pm and 5am, unless accompanied by a passenger aged over 30
  • Drivers on probation are also banned from using mobile phones, even if hands-free.
  • During the probationay period, drivers under 30 are not allowed to carry passengers aged under 30


Driving age rise considered

Teenagers face having to wait an extra year before being allowed to take a driving test under proposals being looked at by the Government.