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Gove adviser: Genetics claim

In a controversial thesis, special adviser to Michael Gove, Dominic Cummings has argued that an individual child's performance is primarily based on genetics and a child's IQ, rather than the quality of teaching.

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Teachers and '3rd rate' education slated by Gove adviser

One of the most influential advisers to the education secretary Michael Gove has argued in a 250-page paper that "real talent" is rare among the nation's teachers.

While some children will always be blessed by a brilliant teacher, by definition that is not a scaleable solution to our problems: real talent is rare and mediocrity is ubiquitous.

– Special adviser to Michael Gove Dominic Cummings

In the controversial paper, he also criticises what he describes as 'third-rate higher education institutions".

In many third-rate higher education institutions there is a large amount of 'social science' work in economics, anthropology, sociology, literary theory and so on of questionable value both from an intellectual perspective and from the perspective of students, jobs prospects.

– Dominic Cummings

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