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False widow spider 'rise in UK'

The number of reported sightings and bites from false black widow spiders has risen significantly in the UK, according to reports citing the Natural History Museum.

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Boy gets 'red raw' wound from false widow spider bite

A schoolboy who was bitten by Britain's 'most poisonous spider' has said the creature's venom left him with a "red raw" wound and a "burning sensation" in his arm, according to Sky News.

A spider believed to be a False Black Widow Credit: News Team International

False widow spiders have been in the UK since the 1870s but have "rapidly spread" throughout the south of England in recent years.

William Fraser was bitten by the flesh-eating false widow spider as he slept at his home in Sutton, south London.

"My arm was swollen. It was hot and I felt faint. My forearm was red raw and I could feel this burning sensation before a blister appeared."

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