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India evacuations 'saved lives'

Mass evacuations have spared India the widespread deaths many had feared from a powerful cyclone that roared ashore over the weekend, officials said. Nearly one million people were evacuated from the coast ahead of Cyclone Phailin making landfall.

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Latest developments on Cyclone Phailin in India

A comprehensive guide to local conditions in and around Cyclone Phailin's path, including information on electric and transportation outages has been compiled by Indian news agency NDTV.

Here is a round-up of the incident:

  • A massive relief operation has been mounted by multiple state and central agencies. Phailin is expected to affect around 1.2 crore (12 million) people in India.
  • The storm made landfall near Gopalpur and has caused very heavy rain along the coast and in most parts of Odisha.
  • The Cyclone hit land with wind speed of around 200 kilometres per hour, marginally less than expected. Tidal waves rose to 3.5 metres.
  • Power supply has been cut from Ichchapuram to Palasa in Andhra Prdaesh and in seven coastal districts in Odisha.
  • At least five deaths have been reported across the state due to incidents of wall collapse, all before the cyclone made landfall.
  • Prime Minister Manmohan Singh has directed that all possible assistance be extended to the states which are on alert for the cyclone.

Source: NDTV

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