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Carers 'need' more training

Carers tending to a cancer sufferer perform tasks they have not been trained for and are not comfortable doing, a health charity found. MacMillan Cancer Support discovered 240,000 carers wanted more training to adequately care for a loved one.

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Macmillan: Carers feeling helpless without training

Carers tending to a cancer sufferer are performing tasks they are not trained to do properly and often feel overwhelmed, a leading health charity has found.

Many carers struggle to administer injections because they have not been trained to use a syringe, Macmillan Cancer Support has found. Credit: PA

Around 240,000 people care for a cancer patient who will require injections, a catheter and a change of bandages but 53% of those say they have had little or no instruction from a healthcare professional.

One in five, 21%, cancer carers who had received some training said it was not enough.

Macmillan is now calling for changes to be made to the care bill, which was discussed in the House of Lords last week, to ensure the NHS in England supports cancer carers.

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