Police 'pinned man to the ground' in terror arrest

Ramin Massodi, who witnessed the drama unfold from inside the Persian restaurant where he works, described the suspect arrested in the upmarket Westbourne Grove raid as "handsome", saying: "He definitely didn't look like a terrorist at all."

Mr Massodi said the arrested man had been swooped on by specialist officers in several cars who pushed him up against the glass of the restaurant.

"I heard shouting then I looked outside and saw four cars... and they grabbed him," he said.

Neighbour George Paul, who lived across the street from the restaurant, said he was sitting in his flat when he head the commotion outside."I poked my head out the window - it was dark - but I could clearly see at least three cars," he said.

"They were stopping traffic in all directions. There were two policemen on top of a guy, pinning him down and from what I may have heard, the assailant said in maybe a foreign accent 'please don't break my arm'."