'Getting the economy going' the answer to food poverty

Reinvigorating the economy is the answer to the food poverty crisis and not further state intervention, according to the Institute for Economic Affairs.

A study commissioned by the Trussell Trust revealed three times as many people received a food package between April and September, as the same period last year.

Ruth Porter said ensuring economic recovery was the "ultimate answer" in tackling poverty, arguing high taxation and state intervention was not the solution.

However, Tim Nichols from Child Poverty Action insists there are things that can be done to make it fairer for those struggling at the bottom such as tackling tax-dodging.

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Foodbank use inquiry call

David Cameron is under pressure to launch an inquiry into why people are using foodbanks. More than 350,000 three-day food package were handed out by the Trussell Trust between April and September - three times as many as the same period last year.