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Syria snipers 'play deadly game'

A British surgeon working in Syria has told ITV News that snipers are playing a brutal game of choosing different groups of people to target.

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UK surgeon describes 'sniper death games' of Syrian war

One of Britain's top surgeons spent five weeks working in Syria's devastated healthcare system attempting to save the lives of the civilians caught up in the deadly conflict.

Throughout his time treating victims inside the warzone, he noticed a brutal pattern in terms of the injuries he treated - on different days, snipers would target victims in a deliberate pattern.

On one day he would have 7 or 8 pregnant women with gunshot wounds to their uterus, whilst on the next, his patients would all be have chest wounds and then the day after that everyone would have groin wounds.

The wounds, he said, showed how snipers would amuse themselves by targeting different people on different days in different ways. International Correspondent Bill Neely reports on the 'death games' said to be played in Syria's seemingly interminable war.

Warning: This report contains distressing images

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