Collymore defends Hodgson against 'race gaffe' row

Former England footballer Stan Collymore has defended Roy Hodgson after the England manager was forced to apologise for a half time joke.

The former Liverpool and Nottingham Forest striker went as far as suggesting the row was undermining efforts to fight racism in the sport.


Racism is hard enough to keep on the agenda as it is without making everyone think a legitimate space tale should be a cause for offence.


Demeans every anti racism campaigner by having cheap pop at RH who said NOTHING WRONG. Makes campaigners seem over PC & petty. They're not.

Wayne Rooney and Andros Townsend have both defended their manager and questioned why there has been such furore over the incident.

However, equality group Kick It Out have called for an investigation into the comments.

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Hodgson sorry for 'monkey' joke

The England manager has apologised after a comment made at half time during the 2-0 win over Poland. Roy Hodgson is believed to have used a joke about a space monkey to encourage right back Chris Smalling to pass the ball to Andros Townsend.