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Lowest petrol price for 5 years

Motorists are being urged to enjoy the biggest fall in petrol prices since before the credit crunch as a further dip is unlikely, according to the AA. The average price has fallen by 5.49p per litre, the biggest drop since 2008.

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AA: Petrol prices unlikely to fall further

Petrol prices have had their biggest fall since the credit crunch in 2008 - but motorists are being warned by the AA that further reductions are unlikely.

Motorists are quids in at the pumps, with the biggest fall in prices since 2008, according the AA. Credit: PA

The average petrol price feel by 5.49p a litre between mid-September and mid-October - the biggest monthly fall since the 11.5p petrol price collapse in November 2008, the AA said.

The AA said the price falls have cut £2.74 off the cost of refuelling a small petrol car and £3.84 off the bill for a Ford Mondeo-sized petrol vehicle.

A family with two petrol cars will have seen the monthly fuel bill fall by £10.

However, the AA warned prices were unlikely to fall further since the pound lost "some of its value" against the dollar " and the US budget agreement expected to strengthen the economy.

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