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NYPD 'hunt' artist Banksy

Despite police in New York investigating Banksy's real identity - so they can arrest him for defacing public property - the British graffiti artist has unveiled his latest artwork in the city.

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Anger as man defaces newest Banksy artwork

Banksy's newest creation sparked an altercation in Williamsburg on Thursday when a man sprayed over the work with his own tag.

Banksy's newest work in Williamsburg depicting two women in kimonos, before the work was defaced. Credit:

As crowds gathered to admire the painting, named Bed Stuy, a man emerged with a spray can and defaced the silhouette, prompting an angry response from bystanders.

Bed Stuy after it was tagged by an unknown man Credit: PA

Crowds tried to pull the man away and detain him until police arrived but he managed to escape.

A man tries to tag Banksy's new work in Williamsburg. Credit: PA

it has been suggested that the artwork, which depicts two women in kimonos, was inspired by artist Kara Walker.

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