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Private rents'soar to record high'

Private rents across England and Wales soared to a record high of £757 a month on average in September, according to research by lettings network LSL Property Services.

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Recent private rent hikes: The figures

  • Rents have reached new peaks in Wales, London, the South East, the West Midlands, the East Midlands, the North West, Yorkshire and the Humber.
  • Average rents in September ranged from £533 a month in the North East to more than double this amount - £1,141 - in London.
  • Rents have risen by 2.1% over the last year across the country, which is below the rate of Consumer Prices Index inflation at 2.7%.
  • London rents have soared by 4.4% typically in the space of a year.
  • Wales saw the next biggest annual rise, with a 3.1% hike pushing average rents to £573.
  • The East of England was the only region to see rents drop, either on the year-on-year or the monthly measures, falling by 1.4% annually.

Source: Lettings network LSL Property Services.

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