Dyke criticised over all-white and all-male commission

Football Association chairman Greg Dyke has been criticised over his decision to name an all-white, all-male commission to improve the England team.

Greg Dyke has been criticised by an FA board member over the commission. Credit: Philip Toscano/PA Wire

Heather Rabbatts, who is an FA board member, has written to other members on England football's governing body criticising the lack of diversity on the commission and saying the FA is letting down black players.

In her letter, she says she has tried to raise the issue privately but there has been a "refusal to understand" her position.

The letter says: "I believe that the lack of proper consultation on the make up of the commission, the fact that no approval was sought from the board...and the lack of diversity, have all meant that the opportunity to lead an informed debate on the future of English players has been damaged.

"I make the comments about diversity not because they are additional to this matter but because they lie at its heart."