82-year-old student named as 'Homecoming Granny'

At the age of 82 and she has been voted homecoming queen, Granny Franny is at university but it is not just her age that makes this story remarkable it is how she is inspiring the young people she meets.

At 82 Frances Wood probably has more knowledge in years than she will learn in a term, but she still she packs her book bag for class.

She enrolled at Nazarene University after her husband passed away, to keep herself busy.

Frances said: "I was beginning to get just a little lonely and depressed. needed something different to do... and believe me this is different."

Frances is the oldest student on campus and the most popular with students a quarter of her age gravitating toward her.

At Homecoming she was given a special place in Homecoming Court - crowning her "Homecoming Granny".