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Roma camp want 'Maria' back

The family at the Roma camp in Greece where a mystery blonde girl, known as Maria, was found have told ITV News they want her back. A couple have been charged with abduction and procuring false documents.

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  1. Lewis Vaughan Jones in Athens

Roma couple in mystery girl case in court tomorrow

The Roma couple in Greece who were found with a four-year-old girl, whose identity remains a mystery, will appear in court tomorrow afternoon.

The couple, a 39-year-old man and a 40-year-old woman, are accused of falsifying identity and family certificates.

Police have launched a very large investigation into any possible wider consequences and will start with the 14 children that are connected to this couple.

Meanwhile, the charity that is looking after the four-year-old girl want the case to be widened to an international police investigation.

They claim to have had information in the past that children in these communities have been allegedly trafficked for use in begging and sold on for adoption.

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