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Roma camp want 'Maria' back

The family at the Roma camp in Greece where a mystery blonde girl, known as Maria, was found have told ITV News they want her back. A couple have been charged with abduction and procuring false documents.

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Roma couple lawyer: Girl was adopted, not abducted

Constantinos Katsavos said his legal team is attempting to find the girl's mother to prove his clients' innocence. Credit: ITV News

A lawyer for a Roma couple accused of abducting a young girl in Greece has told ITV News they were given her as a baby, when she was five days' old, as part of an adoption.

Constantinos Katsavos said the child was passed to the couple by her mother, an impoverished Bulgarian women, and that by finding her it will prove them not guilty of abducting a minor.

"It is our effort to find the physical mother," Mr Katsavos said. "If the mother is found I think (the verdict against the couple) will be not guilty."

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