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Plebgate meeting cops apology

West Midlands Police officers have said that they "did not plan to mislead anyone" over a meeting they held with Andrew Mitchell over claims he abused police. They also apologised for talking to the media after the meeting.

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Davis: Officers plebgate statement 'not good enough'

David Davis has said that the statement from three police officers is "simply not good enough".

The statement from the three police Federation officials is simply not good enough.

Their actions have destroyed a career. The transcript of the meeting which took place in Sutton Coldfield shows that the Federation deployed a premeditated line of attack against Mr Mitchell.

This is not a case of misjudgement, it is deliberate misconduct and they should face the consequences of that misconduct.

The officers from West Mercia, West Midlands and Warwickshire Police Federation representatives issued a statement regarding their meeting with Andrew Mitchell.

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