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68% of Tesco salad 'wasted'

Tesco is dropping some food promotions after finding that two-thirds of produce grown for bagged salad is wasted.

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Oxfam: Food waste 'is nothing short of a scandal'

Oxfam said the amount of food that is wasted when one billion people go to bed hungry at night "is nothing short of a scandal."

Oxfam's head of economic justice policy Hannah Stoddart said: "It is a damning indictment of a food system that places greater importance on corporate profits than ensuring everyone has enough to eat.

Oxfam said the amount of food that is wasted 'is nothing short of a scandal'. Credit: Steve Parsons/PA Archive

"It's great news that the biggest supermarket in Britain is taking tentative steps to tackle the problem, but we need urgent action like greater regulation and investment from governments worldwide to fix the system."

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