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68% of Tesco salad 'wasted'

Tesco is dropping some food promotions after finding that two-thirds of produce grown for bagged salad is wasted.

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Tesco reporting its food waste is 'only the first step'

The campaign group Feeding the 5000 has welcomed Tesco's decision to report figures on food waste, but believes this is only the first step.

Campaigner Domnika Jarosz told ITV News:

We are pleased that Tesco has decided to report their food waste and have it audited by third parties, but we see this as a first step.

Supermarkets are responsible for far more than what they waste [in their supermarkets and distribution centres] because they control a large part of the supply chain.

Their strict cosmetic standards - which reject straight bananas and cracked cauliflowers, for example - mean there is a significant amount of waste before products even reach the shelf.

As a result of pressure from consumers, supermarkets and retailers are starting to compete with each other to see who can lead the way on food waste. We hope other supermarkets will start measuring their food waste.

– Domnika Jarosz, feeding the 5000

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