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US drone attack 'war crimes'

The US has been accused of carrying out unlawful attacks on civilians that could amount to war crimes in Pakistan and Yemen, two major studies into the use of unmanned aircraft attacks by Human Rights Watch and Amnesty International said.

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Civilians 'between drones, armed groups and the army'

Amnesty International has called on the US government to "come clean" about the number of unmanned aircraft or drone attacks they are carrying out in north-west Pakistan.

The grandchildren of Mamana Bibi, killed in a drone attack according to her family, play with debris from drones on their land. Credit: Amnesty International

In a scathing report that accuses the US of unlawful killing of civilians that could amount to war crimes, Amnesty said many civilians are being caught in the cross fire of an increasingly dangerous armed conflict waged between US drones, armed al-Qaeda linked groups and the Pakistani army.

The debris of a drone attack that landed on the farm of farmer in the tribal regions of north-west Pakistan. Credit: Amnesty International

The secrecy surrounding the nature as well as the number of attacks taking place means that victims are left without the possibly of compensation, and Pakistani authorities have been accused of neglecting the human rights of residents across the tribal regions, leading to ever-greater instability.

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