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Dublin Roma girl taken into care

A blonde-haired, blue-eyed seven year-old girl has been put into care after being taken from a Roma family in Dublin. No arrests have been made and there is no allegation of abduction against the family.

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Rights group: Stop reproducing 'prejudices' on Roma

A Roma rights organisation has urged the media to use restraint in the way it reports on children being removed from Roma families.

A spokesperson for the European Roma Rights Centre (ERRC), a Budapest-based organisation working to combat anti-Romani racism, told ITV News:

The mainstream media are constantly reproducing centuries-old prejudices about Roma people. When it comes to reporting the problems Roma communities across Europe face, such as being forcibly evicted from their homes, the stories rarely make it to the front page.

– Spokesperson, European Roma Rights Centre

"The ERRC is aware of at least one report from Serbia where skinheads tried to take away a two-year old boy from his parents because he was "not as dark as his parents". Irresponsible reporting could have severe, negative consequences for Roma families across Europe, " the ERCC spokesperson said.

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