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US drone attack 'war crimes'

The US has been accused of carrying out unlawful attacks on civilians that could amount to war crimes in Pakistan and Yemen, two major studies into the use of unmanned aircraft attacks by Human Rights Watch and Amnesty International said.

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US accused of launching 'rescue kills' after drone strikes

Amnesty International has accused the US government of unlawfully killing civilians in its drone campaign in the tribal regions of north-west Pakistan.

The rights group also said the US was launching so-called "rescue attacks" in which those who attempted to help victims of the first unlawful killing were injured in a second lethal strike.

In a film produced to coincide with their major study of the impact of drone attacks on local populations in Northern Waziristan, the family of a woman who is said to have died in an attack describe their grief and trauma from the method of her death.

Obama has pledged to reduce the number of drone strikes used, and in May this year switched responsibility for launching a drone attack from the CIA to the Department of Defence.

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