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Bid to cut motorway fuel prices

Plans designed to reduce petrol prices at motorway service stations and a freeze on the cost of the MoT test have been announced by the Government. A crackdown on whiplash injury fraud is also part of the driver-friendly package.

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Bid to tackle bogus driving compensation claims

Justice Secretary Chris Grayling said whiplash cheats, whose bogus compensation claims have helped to force up average motor insurance premiums, will be targeted by new independent medical panels which will ensure only evidence from accredited professionals can be considered.

We are turning the tide on the compensation culture and helping hard-working people by tackling high insurance premiums and other motoring costs.

It's not right that people who cheat the insurance system get away with it while forcing up the price for everyone else - so we are now going after whiplash fraudsters and will keep on driving premiums down.

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