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Ireland to review Roma cases

Ireland's police watchdog will review the cases of two Roma families having children removed from their homes amid claims they could not prove their identity.

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Blonde child returned to Roma family after DNA tests

A blonde haired, blue-eyed schoolgirl removed from a Roma family will be reunited with her parents after DNA tests proved she is their daughter.

The seven-year-old youngster had been in State care in Ireland for two nights after a member of the public raised concerns about her appearance compared to relatives in a Dublin suburb.

Press Association sources confirmed DNA test results tonight proved she belonged to her parents, who have maintained she was theirs since she was taken by authorities on Monday afternoon.

Earlier a two-year-old boy was removed from his family home in the town of Athlone overnight was returned to his parents following inquiries by gardai.

A human rights group has called for an independent inquiry amid claims the two Roma children were "abducted" from their families by authorities.

Pavee Point fears there is hysteria after the case of a blonde-haired, blue-eyed girl named Maria was found with a Roma family in Greece and accused gardai and health chiefs of racial profiling.

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