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DNA test confirms Roma parents

Bulgarian authorities say a DNA test has confirmed that a Bulgarian Roma woman is the mother of the Greek mystery girl. The girl has been in the care of a Greek charity after she was seized from the home of another Roma family.

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Bulgarian Roma woman denies selling child in Greece

A Bulgarian Roma woman, Sasha Ruseva, has denied taking money for giving up her baby to another Roma family years ago, as she faces preliminary charges of selling the child known as Maria to a Greek couple.

Ms Ruseva was pictured with her blonde-haired son Atanas, 2. Credit: REUTERS/Stoyan Nenov

Ms Ruseva, who has eight chiildren, said she gave birth to a girl while working as an olive picker in Greece “several years ago”, but said she was forced to leave the child behind because she could not afford to take her home.

She told Bulgarian TV: “I intended to go back and take my child home, but meanwhile I gave birth to two more kids so I was not able to go back.”

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