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Return of rickets 'ashaming'

England's chief medical officer has said the public should feel "profoundly ashamed" of a "very worrying picture" of children's health and called for the scheme of free vitamins to be extended to all under-fives to tackle the return of rickets.

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Free vitamins for tots: Good idea or a waste of money?

ITV News readers have been sharing their views on the chief medical officer's suggestion of providing free vitamins for all children under the age of five.

[It would be a] waste of money because those parents who don't buy vitamins now probably still wouldn't give them to their children even if they were free. They need educating on a proper diet and getting kids off computer games and outside to play.

– Dawn in Liverpool

I think it is a good idea for those who aren't inclined, or don't have the money to give their children a proper balanced diet. The other parents who have a choice and are better informed don't have to take it up. I think this is a necessary quick fix.

– Lallie in Jersey

Why not [extend the scheme to] all children under 16?

– Andrea in Merseyside

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