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Pupil on stammer breakthrough

One of the stars of the Channel 4 documentary Educating Yorkshire, year 11 pupil Musharaf Asghar, has described a breakthrough in his battle with his stammer as "the most amazing moment." His teacher used techniques from The King's Speech to help him

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Ed Balls praises 'fabulous example' of stammering pupil

Shadow chancellor Ed Balls, who suffers from a stammer, has hailed the "fabulous example" of schoolboy Musharaf Asghar whose battle against a speech disorder in a bid to gain an English GCSE was featured in the documentary Educating Yorkshire.

Mr Balls said: "For kids right across the country, I hope they watched that programme and think, 'If Musha can do a GCSE and do that speech, then so can I,' and that's the key thing."

He added: "I hope that this programme and the fabulous example of Musha will give confidence to stammerers, children and adults, across our region, across the country and their parents too.

"With the right help and support and by being open and talking about it, you can succeed and do well, it's not something that should hold you back."

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