Lady Gaga's latest outfit: Huge furry mask and a beak

Lady Gaga's outift also included a spectacular furry-armed coat. Credit: Newspix/ABACA/Press Association Images

Is it a bird? Is it a giant Weetabix alien? No, it's just Lady Gaga stepping out for a stroll.

The flamboyant pop star's latest "look", unveiled in Berlin where she was launching her new album, comprises an imposing hairy hat and a golden beak.

Gaga waves to fans, although it is unclear whether she can see them. Credit: Newspix/ABACA/Press Association Images

The singer was assisted by bodyguards as she left her hotel in the German capital, leaving the impression that the eccentric headwear may have impaired her vision.

Gaga's previous outrageous outfits include a dress made of meat and a costume made of Kermit the Frogs.