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Economy grows by 0.8%

The economy has grown grew by 0.8% between June and September, the fastest pace in three years. Services provided the biggest boost but the utility sector fell 6.8%.

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Osborne: Britain is on the 'path to prosperity'

Chancellor George Osborne told ITV News that the UK is on the "path to prosperity" after figures released today showed that the economy grew by 0.8% between July and September.

Mr Osborne told Economics Editor Richard Edgar that growth was helping all of the UK and not just London and the south, he said: "I think you're seeing across Britain, jobs being created.

"Of course, we're emerging from a very difficult recession which hit some parts of the country particularly hard but what I see happening around me is businesses growing, jobs being created.

"That enables us to, where we can, help people with lower taxes and help people with income tax across the whole of the country".

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