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Tributes to storm death victims

Friends and colleagues have paid tribute to the four people killed during a violent storm that hit England and Wales.

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Powerful storm now more likely, forecasters warn

Weather experts say it is now looking more likely that a powerful storm with wind speeds of 80mph or more will cross the southern half of Britain on Monday morning.

Previous forecasts had suggested the storm may pass south of the country, but the Met Office has now upgraded its warning for the southern half of England and the southern half of Wales from yellow to amber, meaning "be prepared".

We have been tracking the probable course of the storm, and we are tracking it further north than we had thought earlier. We have also revised the speed for gusts of wind up to 70 to 80mph inland, with the possibility of speeds in excess of 80mph in exposed coastal areas.

We are expecting the storm to be in the early hours, and it is not yet clear how long it will take to cross the country. The rush hour will see the aftermath, with any damage, power and transport problems that have occurred.

– Met Office spokeswoman Nicola Maxey

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