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Pupil on stammer breakthrough

One of the stars of the Channel 4 documentary Educating Yorkshire, year 11 pupil Musharaf Asghar, has described a breakthrough in his battle with his stammer as "the most amazing moment." His teacher used techniques from The King's Speech to help him

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Stammering pupil hails 'amazing moment' in TV doc

A schoolboy whose battle against a speech disorder was featured in the TV documentary Educating Yorkshire said his nerve-wracking speech to classmates in the show was "the most amazing moment".

Mushy Asghar had to recite a poem as part of his English GCSE oral exam. Credit: Twitter / @MusharafAsghar

Musharaf Asghar overcame a stammer, with the help of teacher Mr Burton who used methods from The King's Speech film, to read a poem in front of fellow pupils in an emotional moment broadcast on Channel 4 last night.

The teenager, writing in the Guardian afterwards, said: "The most amazing moment for me was when I finally managed to speak in Mr Burton's class. The poem we were working on was called The Moment and it really was a moment I will remember for ever."

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