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Baby P chief's payout criticised

Former child protection boss Sharon Shoesmith is to receive a six-figure payout for being unfairly dismissed following the Baby P tragedy. Former Children's Secretary Ed Balls - who removed her from the role - said it left "a bad taste."

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Baby P chief 'wants to work with children again'

Former child protection boss Sharon Shoesmith posted a statement online saying she wants to resume work with children, according to BBC Radio 4's World at One.

Sharon Shoesmith posted an online statement saying children had been her 'life's work'. Credit: PA

The statement read: "A final farewell to Haringey as my case concludes. I wish those of you in children's services, especially in Haringey, success, strength and courage in all that you do.

"Children have been my life's work and I hope to continue in some capacity soon now that my PhD is almost complete."

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