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Baby P chief's payout criticised

Former child protection boss Sharon Shoesmith is to receive a six-figure payout for being unfairly dismissed following the Baby P tragedy. Former Children's Secretary Ed Balls - who removed her from the role - said it left "a bad taste."

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Ed Balls 'would do the same thing again' on Shoesmith

Ed Balls has defended his role in the removal of Sharon Shoesmith after the death of Peter Connolly, insisting he would "do the same thing again".

Mr Balls, who was Children's Secretary at the time, removed Ms Shoesmith from her role after a damning report on the death of Peter Connelly.

Shadow chancellor Ed Balls Credit: PA Wire

Balls, who is now the shadow chancellor, said: "I made the decision to remove the person who had failed, I did so in the best interests of children across the country. Faced with the same situation I would do the same thing again."

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