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Baby P chief's payout criticised

Former child protection boss Sharon Shoesmith is to receive a six-figure payout for being unfairly dismissed following the Baby P tragedy. Former Children's Secretary Ed Balls - who removed her from the role - said it left "a bad taste."

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Shoesmith payout 'leaves a bad taste in the mouth'

The payout to Sharon Shoesmith over her unfair dismissal following the Baby P tragedy "leaves a bad taste in the mouth", former children's secretary Ed Balls told BBC Radio 5 Live .

An independent report said there were disastrous failings in Haringey children's services.

They said the management was at fault. Sharon Shoesmith was the director of children's services and so of course it leaves a bad taste in the mouth that the person who was leading that department and responsible ends up walking away with, it seems, a large amount of money.

– Shadow chancellor Ed Balls

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