Beckham: Fergie will not be managing my new team

David Beckham has joked that Sir Alex Ferguson is no longer his first choice to manage his future Major League Soccer team following the release of his former manager's autobiography last week.

Sir Alex Ferguson accused Beckham of becoming distracted by his celebrity lifestyle in his recently-released autobiography.

"It's funny, he was one of the first names I was going to call up to be manager. I'm not so sure now," the former England captain said.

Sir Alex Ferguson criticised his former player in his explosive autobiography released last week. Credit: PA Wire

Speaking at an exclusive global digital book signing on Facebook today, the 38-year-old insisted he did not want to speak negatively of his former manager:

"All joking aside I wouldn't want to be negative about Sir Alex. He gave me the chance to live my dream."

Beckham also revealed that after leaving Manchester United he could not face watching them play for two years.