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Niger migrants 'die of thirst'

Dozens of migrants from Niger have reportedly died of thirst after their vehicles broke down in the Sahara desert.

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Niger migrants buried in mass Saharan desert grave

The migrants were fleeing Niger, the least developed country in the world according to the UN. Credit: Associated Press

Rescuers found the bodies of 92 migrants, most of them women and children, strewn across the Sahara desert in northern Niger after their vehicles broke down and they died of thirst, authorities said.

Some of the bodies of the children and adults had already started to decompose. Credit: Associated Press

Rescue workers said the bodies - 52 children, 33 women and 7 men from Niger were found near the Algerian border.

Many of the bodies were in an advanced state of decomposition, and some had been partly eaten by wild animals.

They were buried in a mass grave, close to where they died.

Rescuers dug a mass grave to gather and bury the bodies. Credit: Associated Press

Authorities said 19 of the group reached Algeria by foot and were returned to Niger.

Two survived after walking the 50 mile trek back to Arlit, a mining down in Niger, and it was there that the alarm was raised.

The mass grave in which 52 children, 33 women and seven men were laid to rest. Credit: Associated Press

Niger is ranked by the United Nations as the least developed country on earth. Every year thousands risk their lives by crossing through Northern Niger into North Africa and across the Mediterranean into Europe.

Most of those who make the perilous journey on ancient open-topped trucks are young African men in search of work.

Rescuers said the doomed convoy of women and children was puzzling.

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