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Numbers replace GCSE grades

The GCSE A*-G grading system will be scrapped in favour of a numbered scale, under the biggest reforms of the exams for decades. An additional grade will be added into the system that will see students achieve grades of one to nine.

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New GCSE numbering 'is better for students'

One student told ITV News that a greater focus on exams under the new GCSE system would be better than having regular assessments.

Kevin Judd, 15, said: "You haven't got loads of work to do throughout the year, you just revise once and get the exam out the way."

He also thought the new number grading system for GCSEs would be better for students in the long run, because scoring 6 or 7 out of 9 could seem like more of an achievement than receiving a C or a D grade under the present regime.

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