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Toronto mayor loses powers

Embattled Toronto mayor Rob Ford has been stripped of most of his remaining powers as he refuses to quit following revelations that he smoked crack cocaine and threatened to murder someone. During the debate he appeared to push a female councillor.

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Toronto mayor: I feel I've got 1,000 pounds off my back

Mayor Rob Ford says 'I feel like I got 1,000 pounds off my back'. Credit: Reuters

Mayor Rob Ford told the Toronto Sun: "I feel like I got 1,000 pounds off my back. I felt I had to say it. It is what is. I feel two inches high right now but I needed to deal with it. I am not going to quit or take a leave."

"I am not an addict or an alcoholic. I have work to do and I am moving on. The way I see it now, this is over."

He insisted: "I am not a crackhead or junkie."

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