Poll: One in six OAPs hide serious health problems

One in six pensioners have hidden serious problems with their health from loved ones, a survey found.

Families need to be more open with each about care options, Centra said. Credit: PA

The poll of 2,000 OAPs aged 65 and over found 16% had hidden an ailment because they were worried they would lose their independence or be seen as a burden, a survey found.

A further 12% thought if they made their injury known to family members they would be seen as incapable of looking after themselves.

Two thirds did not want to worry their loved ones.

The survey was carried out on behalf of telecare alarm provider Centra. Managing director Wendy Darling said: "There is a stigma that sometimes comes with growing older and it's clear this can stop people from facing up to the help they could get."