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PM backs Marines after murder

Prime Minister David Cameron has said that the conviction of a Royal Marine for murdering an injured Taliban insurgent in Afghanistan should not "besmirch" the organisation's proud history.

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Ex-general calls for clemency for Afghan murderer

A distinguished Royal Marines general who led British forces to victory in the Falklands has called for clemency after a marine was found guilty of murdering an Afghan insurgent.

Major-General Julian Thompson told The Times that life imprisonment for the soldier, known as Marine A, would be too harsh.

A Royal Marine is seen in the footage released of the incident Credit: ITV News/Priscilla Coleman

He said: “Obviously it was wrong and everyone in the Royal Marines is quite clear about that.

“The Royal Marines are a family and it feels as though a member of the family has transgressed.

“I am sad for the man who did it, in that he probably had a moment of stupidity. I feel for him as I would my own son who might do something stupid.", he added.

He suggested a five-year term would be more appropriate for a crime committed in the pressure of war.

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