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Energy freeze 'will save £100m'

The introduction of an energy price freeze now would save the taxpayer more than £100 million in reduced bills for public services, Ed Miliband has said.

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Miliband: Energy price freeze would save NHS £40m

New figures today show that if David Cameron put in place our freeze today, public services would save £100m.

And that matters more than ever in an era when there’s less money around.

The NHS is one of our vital national institutions and one of the biggest users of energy.

If David Cameron got on and implemented our energy price freeze today the NHS would benefit to the tune of £40 million to help it deal with this winter’s A&E crisis, the equivalent of the salaries of 1,300 nurses.

Our schools could save £28m, that’s the same as the salaries of over 700 teachers.

This freeze will happen under the next Labour Government.

– Labour leader Ed Miliband

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