David Dimbleby reveals scorpion tattoo

Veteran BBC broadcaster David Dimbleby fulfilled a lifetime's ambition by having a scorpion tattooed on his back.

David Dimbleby getting his scorpion tattoo. Credit: Twitter: @BBCOne

The 75-year-old was pictured proudly sporting the small tattoo during filming for a new series he is presenting called Britain and the Sea.

He was offered a tattoo as he heard how tattoo art was introduced to the UK as a result of Captain Cook's South Seas adventures - he initially declined, saying he was too old. He told the Radio Times:

"So instead they did something with black pencil that can be washed off. But when I saw it in a preview of the film I thought: ‘That’s a bit feeble.’ I thought it was wimpish having it just drawn on and I needed to man up.”