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Mums to be 'paid' to breastfeed

New mothers are to be paid to breastfeed as part of a research project examining whether or not uptake rates could improve if women are offered financial rewards.

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Greater tolerance needed to boost breastfeeding

A change in attitude towards breastfeeding in public may be more effective in increasing breastfeeding rates instead of the use of financial incentives, according to ITV News viewers.

New mothers in Derbyshire and South Yorkshire will be offered financial incentives to breastfeed their children to combat the "worrying" low rates of breastfeeding in the UK.

We asked ITV News viewers their thoughts on the proposal.

Here are a selection of their views:

It is not cash incentives breastfeeding Mums need - it is tolerence from everyone else. More places need to encourage breastfeeding not look down their noses as if it is something disgusting and unnatural.

– Diana Rae

Surely if it was about money, more women would breast feed, its free! No need for expensive baby formula, sterilisers, bottles etc. It's also quicker, its instant! No need to make bottles and wait for them to cool. Obviously something else is putting women off. We should look at our attitudes towards breast feeding in public. Not make those women who cant breast feed feel even worse.

– Rebecca Hunt

I think this is terrible to be honest. This money should be used to provide support for the mothers who want to breastfeed. 90% of women who stop breastfeeding do so before they wanted to. This is usually down to lack of support and information!

– Amy Dalrymple

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