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Mums to be 'paid' to breastfeed

New mothers are to be paid to breastfeed as part of a research project examining whether or not uptake rates could improve if women are offered financial rewards.

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Paid to breastfeed: Your views

Following the announcement that new mothers are to be paid to breastfeed as part of a scheme to boost low rates of breastfeeding, ITV News viewers have been giving their opinions on the issue on our Facebook page:

Breastfeeding is the most natural thing ever, education on the reasons why would be more efficient, and help to mums who cannot! How ridiculous are 'cash incentives'. It should be done with love and the 'wanting to' incentive not because there's money involved.

– Emma Ruddick

How would they monitor and prove it?

– Paul Lafferty

If it promotes breastfeeding, which is after all the best food for a baby, then there is a positive but the incentive should be educating a new mum about the benefits, both healthwise and financially.

– Melanie Luce

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